Since 2015, we have led the effort to create a network of scholars and researchers worldwide to contribute to research on and advocacy for marginalized migrants/refugees. Our studies focus on discovering role of ICTs and find ways to empower migrant communities through technology initiatives. We have been conducting various projects in different contexts and cultures, overcoming barriers of collaboration across borders.


Our Mission

We aim to explore ways ICTs can empower the lives of marginalized migrants worldwide, including forced migrants, refugees, trafficked people and other minority migrant groups. Possible risks and barriers imposed by ICTs sources are also discovered to compliment the efforts for the migrant empowerment. 

The REINFORM network is a platform to connect researchers and academics with shared interests, disseminate findings to the public and media, and allow for conversations that bridge scholarly and social consciousness.
— Assoc. Prof. Arul Chib, Nanyang Technological University

What We've Achieved